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You can put tenants in your building and exceed their expectations -- quickly and cost effectively -- with Finishing Chicago contractors.

You know how important curb appeal is when selling a home. Because first impressions count. It’s the same when leasing your space …. Your building will make a first impression. The only question is, what kind? Smooth walls, bright surfaces and inviting spaces all tell prospective tenants that your facility is a cut above the rest -- and that their search is over. That’s how Finishing Chicago can help you.

Our Consultative Process

We know your budget is important. And we’ll help you set -- and stick to -- a project investment that makes sense. Because, if you’re competing against 10 or 15 other locations for a tenant, do you really want to compromise on quality? You can’t show a property and ask tenants to “imagine these holes are patched” or “picture fresh paint here.” Your space must look great when prospects first see it, or their lasting impression will be the wrong impression. Whether your property is a small building in Itasca, a home in Peoria, or 5 floors of downtown office space, Finishing Chicago contractors understand your issues and can meet your deadlines. Our process is proven and effective. A Finishing Chicago professional leads your pre-project meeting with the contractor, project managers and workers. More than 3,200 hours of training have taught our contactors to ask the right questions. That means your exact requirements –schedule, safety concerns, tenants, security protocols, etc. – all get clearly defined. So you start on the right track.

Our Work

We’ve found that training is as essential for quality as electricity is for business. That’s why our Finishing Chicago members complete 3 full years of classroom and on-the-job training. By investing in our craftspeople to make sure they stay at the top of their professions, we make sure you get top quality. It’s as simple as that.

Leading the Way with LEED®

Sustainability is more than just a worthy goal. In many management companies, it’s a requirement. That's why your finishing contractor must understand and implement green standards correctly. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings. Thanks to our experience and updated training, with a Finishing Chicago professional on board, your project will comply with LEED standards -- while staying on budget and schedule.

What Does This Add Up To?

On-time projects, high productivity, upfront savings, long-term cost saving, and satisfied tenants. Chicagoland is our home, and with a Finishing Chicago professional as your partner, you can fill your space faster.

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