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The standards for quality, safety, and performance are tough in the industrial coatings market. That's why it makes good sense to employ the best- a Finishing Chicago contractor. Our organization has made a long-time commitment to training, and we have developed our very own industrial trianing. Our three-year program combines our rigorous general curriculum, the Finishing Trades Industrial applicator training program, and third party certifications well-recognized throughout the industry. Our blended approach to coursework ensures that you, as an industrial contractor, engage the most professional workforce. Finishing Chicago workers master all the skills and knowledge to make your project a success.

The Benefit to Your Bottom Line: Safety First

Accidents on the job create liability for a contractor. Moreover, inexperience and lack of know-how can cause project delays. When you engage an Finishing Chicago contractor, you are assured that your project will go smoothly-on time and budget. Our unique approach to training gives Finishing Chicago skilled workers classroom, hands-on, and actual jobsite experience at a variety of locations. Just take a look at some of the safety training programs we offer our journeymen:

  • OSHA 10 and 30
  • Ladders & Scaffold
  • Fall Protection
  • Equipment Maintenance and Operation
  • Hazardous Communications
  • Lead Awareness
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Aerial Work Platform
  • Confined Space

Equipped with the Right Tools: Efficiency, Lower Costs

The Finishing Chicago program delivers a combination of classroom and hands-on training, employing all equipment and tools used in various surface preparation methods, including: hand tools, power tools, chemical preparation, sanding, blasting, and concrete repair, just to name a few. What's more, our apprentices gain classroom and real world experience in application techniques, including trowel, brush and roll, and spray applications-conventional, airless, HVLP and plural component.

Specifically for the Industrial Market

You can rely on Finishing Chicago workers to have training specifically for the industrial market:

  • Rigging & Containment
  • Basic Coating Inspection
  • Foreman Training
  • Blueprint Training

Complying with Recognized Standards: Industry Certifications

When you hire a Finishing Chicago contractor, you have the added confidence that industry certifications provide. The third party certifications the Finishing Chicago offers its members are:

  • SSPC C-3 / C-7 / C-5
  • Illinois Lead Worker Licensure
  • Illinois Lead Supervisor Licensure
  • SSPC C-3 & IL Supervisor Supplement
  • SSPC Industrial Applicator Certification

By the end of their third year, all our apprentices have received extensive training and third party certifications. They pass a proficiency test and an interview before entering the field as journeymen. State-of-the-art technology and ever-changing requirements with an Finishing Chicago member on your team, you'll meet these demands with assurance.

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