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DISCOVER HOW EASY IT IS to find the right professional painiting, drywall finishing or wall-covering contractor in the Chicagoland area.  By prequalifying our members through an extensive survey, FINISHING CHICAGO has taken all of the guesswork out of the process, saving you time and the frustration normally involved in a contractor search.  Discover our benefits whether you're a homeowner, property manager or engineer, looking for licensed, skilled contractors for your next project.


As a homeowner in the greater Chicago area, trust a well-trained FCAC contractor for your next wall covering, painting or finishing project. Learn More >>



Finishing Chicago - Designer Chicago

FCAC contractors in the greater Chicagoland area have 101 years of experience helping designers and architects complete projects.  See why a Finishing Chicago contractor makes all the difference. Learn More >>


Property Manager

Finishing Chicago - Property Management Chicago

Finishing Chicago contractors can help rennovate and maintain your facility to exceed tenant expectations, and keep your building ahead of the curve.  See just how FCAC can achieve this for you. Learn More >>


General Contractors / Builders

Finishing Chicago - General Contractors - Builders

If you're a general contractor or builder, with deadlines in hand, the right contractors, at the right price, makes all the difference.  Our network of over 120 qualified Chicagoland licensed contractors will get any job done in a timely manner. Learn More >>


Industrial Engineer

Finishing Chicago - Industrial Engineer Chicago

Quality, safety, and performance are standards for any successful job in the building industry, and trained, skilled contractors from FCAC bring those exact standards to any job they work on.  Check out the training, certifications, and standards that our Finishing Chicago contractors meet.   Learn More >>